Construction is Underway!

Construction is underway to erect a memorial to the Marines and Sailor who lost their lives in the crash of aircraft 165000, call sign Yanky 72. The drawings above are an artist rendering of what the memorial will look like. The memorial will be located a few miles from the crash site at the airfield where the command post was set up for the recovery operations. The lead organization is the Department of Mississippi Marine Corps League. The Marine Corps League contacted the Marine Corps Air Transport Association seeking support for this effort.  MCATA, with the help of a couple of MCL Detachments, raised $22,564 of the $80,000 needed to complete the project. The project is now fully funded. 

Thanks to all who generously donated to made this happen!

There will be a dedication ceremony in Leflore County on 14 July, 2018. I will pass along details for anyone interested in attending. 

Description: The memorial is about 30' in diameter and has a planview of a KC-130 in the middle pointed along the last known heading of Yanky 72. Around the edge will be a ring of red marble with the names of the fifteen Marines and one Sailor aboard Yanky 72 embedded in permanent brass letters.  The VMGR-452 squadron patch will be at the head of the aircraft and the patch of the 2nd Battalion of the Marine Raiders at the back. There will be a monument on a pole in the center with a plaque on each side. There will be three flag poles with an American flag, a U.S. Navy flag and a U.S. Marine flag.  The flag poles will be lighted with 16 LED up lights that will represent each serviceman lost.  A local women's garden group will donate the landscaping and maintain it and the county will provide the land upon which the memorial stands. 

Once we have more information about the dedication ceremony we will pass that along. 

If you would like to help us, please click the Yanky 72 Memorial Donation link in the menu at the top of this page and make your tax free charitable donation using your credit card. 

If you wish to pay by check, please send a check made out to MCATA to:
Yanky 72 Memorial
c/o Rich Driscoll
7324 Brady Oaks Dr
Fort Worth, TX 76135

Thanks for your dedication to our cause, to our fellow Transporters and to the Marine Corps.

Semper Fi,


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