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The Marine Corps Air Transport Association currently accepts donations for three different categories of funds.

  •   First is the General Fund which finances our websites, newsletters and member management and event registration software along with miscellaneous costs of printing and postage and helps fund our reunions.
  • The second fund is the Memorial Scholarship Fund which is set aside to provide academic scholarships to deserving MCATA members and their descendants for college tuition and books. For more information go to this link: 
  • The last donation category is the VMGR Memorial Dedication Fund. This category is dedicated to raise the funds to host a dignified dedication event for the families of the forty-three Marines memorialized on the VMGR Memorial Monument.

To allocate your donation to any of our fund categories, please indicate by selecting one of the options at the bottom of this page.

If you wish to dedicate your Memorial Scholarship donation to someone by name, please include the name in the comments section.

Ways to donate: There are five primary ways to donate. 

1. Send Cash: You can send a cash (check) donation along with a note designating which fund you wish the money to be delegated to. Advantage: 100% of these donations go to your chosen cause.

2. Pay Online: You can use the online form below and your credit or debit card make a donation and designate where you want funds allocated. Advantage: Paying on line is easy and convenient. Disadvantage: MCATA has to pay a small fee per transaction for each donation. 

3. Stock Donations:  Donating stock is a great way to contribute. Advantage: Donated stock is not subject to capital gains taxes and can additionally by written off as a donation on your taxes.

Online: Donate Stock to MCATA

Paper Forms: MCATA Stock Donation Paper Form.pdf

Note: When using the paper form, you MUST indicate the donation is for Marine Corps Air Transport Association for Stock donator to process the donation correctly.

4. Corporate Company Match: Does your company or employer offer corporate matching for charitable donations? Many companies do. In this way you can make your donations even bigger and more impactful. Some companies offer donation matches for your personal charitable work. If you are unsure and would like to pursue this form of giving, check with your company's H.R. department. Advantage: Your donation and impact is magnified by corporate matching. 

5. Purchase Custom Bricks: The cost of custom bricks for the VMGR Memorial Monument are $1000 for inner ring, $500 for second ring and $350 for outer ring. Please indicate custom text in the spaces provided. Three lines, 20 characters per line limit. Advantage: You can personalize and memorialize someone with your brick purchase. Disadvantage: $215 of each brick goes to the Marine Corps Heritage Foundation. 

To order and purchase a brick with cash download and use this form:  

Brick Purchase Form (Final).pdf

To order bricks online use the form below:

Thanks in advance for your generosity! 

Semper Fi
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2. VMGR Memorial: Bricks are $1000 for inner ring, $500 for second ring and $350 for outer ring. Fill out brick inscription form.
3. April donation challenge.
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