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Get to the members directory?

1.The Members Directory is available ONLY to members who are in good standing and dues have not lapsed. Dues run from calendar year to calendar year and are due on January 1st. MCATA notifies all members several times that membership renewal is due and allows a 90 day grace period until the 1st of March before a membership lapses. At that time the member may no longer access the "members only" portion of the website including the Membership Directory.

2. Make sure your dues are paid. When you access the website you'll see a prompt in the lower right-hand corner if your renewal is due. If you are not a member or have been lapsed for more than a year you must re-join. Just click on the join/renew button to start that process. You can pay online with your credit card or send a check. Once you sign up online you'll have the option to decide between the two. If you choose to send a check you'll get an invoice in your email telling you where to send it.


C/O John Klossner

4 Loch Lane

Walden, NY 12586

3. Once you are a member in good standing you are issued a password. You use that password along with your username (the email address you used to register with MCATA) to access the members only area of the website. Once you're logged in you'll see the directory appear in the links at the top of the page.

Use the Member Directory?
1. This is a protected website. Certain pages are open to the public and others are password protected for members only. Tabs to those pages ARE ONLY VISIBLE if you are logged in with your member password. 

2. One of those pages is the Directory. The Directory lists members names addresses and personal contact information. When a member joins and registers the Directory lists certain default information, first and last name, address, phone etc.

4. Members can access the Directory to view the contact information of other members.

5. Members can also access their Directory listing and edit information shown and change some of what they want shown (or not as the case may be.) 

6. There is also a personal photo gallery with each contact listing where members can upload pictures. 

Bookmark my site?

1.  To make your site easier to find, save it in your favorites or bookmarks on your browser.

2. Each browser is slightly different, but generally once you are at the site you want you just click on the favorites or bookmark icon at the top right hand side of the browser. You will probably be ask to decide which of several folders you may want to save to.

3. Next time you want to get to the site just open the favorites or bookmark folder and click on

Locate and modify personal information?

1. To locate and modify personal profile information: Click on your name link at upper right hand side of screen. Edit as necessary.

2. To change privacy settings or hide/reveal personal information in directory: Click on edit on your personal profile screen.

Determine my renewal date?

1. To determine renewal date: Click on your name link at upper right hand side of screen. Renewal information and option to renew will appear in your profile.

2. All memberships are due on 1 January.

Subscribe or unsubscribe to newsletters and informational mails?

1. If you are a member and have a good email address you are already subscribed to get the newsletter and informational emails online.

2. To subscribe or unsubscribe to newsletters, informational emails, blogs or forum posts use the privacy settings in your profile.

Change my password?

1. Click on "change my password" at top right hand side of page.

2. Enter old password and new password. Save.

3. When you get a password issued it is a completely random generated set of numbers and letters. The administrator can't even see it. When you get it you should use it to change you password to something familiar that you can remember.

4. If you do not know your original password, send mail to and we'll issue you a new one.

Save my password so I don't have to log in every time?

1. As you log in (if you are on your own computer and nobody else has access) check the box that says "Remember me". If your browser pops up a window asking if you want to save your username and password, click yes. The next time you log in as soon as you put in your user name it will automatically enter your password for you. There also may be a box that appears at the bottom of your screen asking if you want to have your computer store this password. Click "yes" and proceed.

2. The next time your login screen appears, your username and password should already be filled in. Just click and enter.  

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